This is Crossfit

Snorre Rotbæk

Main coach
Level 2 crossfit certification, PT from sports college with courses in strength lift. Has a love for strength training and enjoys working with beginners.

Hilde Odland

General Manager and CrossFit coach.

Hilde is a real crossfitter. After she attended her first crossfit workout in 2013, she has never looked back. She loves to be surrounded by people and get inspired by the different personalities that visits the box throughout the day. 

She is an educated kintergarden teacher, but started as a coach during her studies. Hilde has been in the business since 2016 where she has found her place.

Petter Nilsen

Petter is a rower. The Concept2 rowingmachine may seem simple, but rowing is a bit like science. The rowingworkouts are mostly fully booked.

Per Hordnes

Has previously competed in weightlifting, strength lifting, strongman, sumo wrestling, and athletics. Love all sports and activity. Extra big heart for those with ambition and goals. Teaches weightliftingclasses and competitors classes.

Ove Hordnes

Ove has been at Crossfit Bryggen since 2012 and is never going to be anywhere else.
First person in Norway to complete the «King Kong».
Fan of functionality. It is possible to get strong in wool socks and with rust on the rod.

Monica Sognnes Rasmussen

Monica is the best advertisement Bryggen can get.
She started with crossfit to lose weight and became the world champion in strength lifting in the 57 kg class.
If you want your own training program, please ask Monica.

Lena Hordnes

Lena is Swedish champion in sprint and Olympic weightlifting. She teaches both running and Olympic weightlifting.

Henrik Lundquist Ivarsson

«Henke» is Bryggen’s professor. He loves movement and strength in all positions. His kettlebell classes are the biggest hit at the crossfit box.

Sofie Løseth

Sofie works as a CrossFit coash  while being a full-time student. She loves everything related to CroffFit, and most of all to compete. She’s always positive and smiling, and is at her best when her pulse is high. No one can stop this girl from achieving her goals.


Level 1 CF Trainer , CF Gymnastics and CF Weightlifting certified. I moved from Dubai to Bergen recently with my husband and 2 boys.
I love everything Crossfit (no joke)
I’m known for being a rounded athlete that’s doesn’t take myself to serious and often found dancing & or eating during and after my workouts. Nicknamed Giraffe and loves hugs!

Marcus Bratli

PT educatied at AFPT, trainercourse NIF, weightlifting trainer level 1 and eleiko functional trainer. Norwegian champion in strength lifting, good in crossfit and on the junior national team in weightlifting.